Thursday, July 1, 2010


We’ll be performing at the Dark Room Theater 2263 Mission St. on Saturday, July 17th at our new 8:00pm slot with our good friends hoboFish. Tickets are $10 at the door but only $7 if you buy online here. So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Join us for a night of sketch comedy and improv. We're selling hope -- for a brighter tomorrow (we like to aim high), for a night of laughs (count on it), and for an all-around good time (obviously). Get it while it's hot.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 18-20 @ 8pm at
The Thick House Theater
1695 18th St. (between Carolina and Arkansas)
Portrero Hill in San Francisco

Some very special guests include Hobofish and Magic Jester Theater.

They're $10 online and $11 at the door. Online purchases are highly recommended because our last show was sold out. And that extra dollar you'll be saving can go a long way.

It's not everyday you find hope for sale, so come on, stock up, and enjoy the show. We look forward to seeing you!

The Asian American Theater Company is a part of the Thick House Presenting Program.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet the theorists

What is Kamikaze Theory?
Kamikaze Theory, lovingly known as "KT" by its members, is a sketch comedy group based in San Francisco and part of the Asian American Theater Company. Fun and friendly like the cocktail shooter and strategic like the military attack, we're all about being smart and sassy, experimental and edgy, and all-around, well, hilarious.

The Theory:
That sketches born out of improv and further developed through collaborative writing make for some damn good comedy. See for yourself!

The Theorists:

Yue Tu - Producer
My name is Yue. I am seven years old. I graduated college at six. I speak four languages and I like cheetos.

Julius Cheng - Director
Julius Cheng was born last week with Benjamin Button's disease. He soon learned to walk and talk, and his current castmates mistake his infantile speech patterns for a unique sense of humor. With only 23 years to live, he hopes to make the most of this short but extraordinary life.

Alexis Green
"Reach for the moon and if you fall you'll be among the stars."
- unknown

Allen Chang
Allen Chang is a Mech-E in between jobs and living up the unemployed life. He can be often seen offstage on his skateboard (just don't ask him to do any tricks or he'll think you're a douche bag), or fighting a never ending battle against the formidable evil scientist Dr. Lovehandlage. His experiences on stage includes a bit of theater experience during college with Theatre Rice, like Brian.

Brian Manaois
A Bay Area native, originally from Hayward, CA and a UC Berkeley grad, Brian's sketch comedy roots stem from the UC Berkeley student group, Theatre Rice, and he's been dabbling in it ever since. When not sketch comedy-ing, you can find him rockclimbing, singing jazz, watching reality tv, stuffing his face at sushi buffets, and toiling away in the wonderful world of the financial software industry. Yay!

Janelle Jovellanos
A recent UC Berkeley Graduate and Theater Rice Alumni, Janelle is thrilled to be part of the unique and collaborative efforts of sketch comedy theater. Among other things, Janelle enjoys practicing yoga, reading children's books, and pwning n00bs on WoW. ^_^V

Maikiko James
Maikiko James' New York performance credits include teaching kids how not to get STD's in song, lightly slamming at the Nuyorican, and a few off-off...ok Broadway productions. In the Bay Area, she's worked with African American Shakespeare Company, Incubator 16, and Temescal Labs.

William Dao
Will Dao a) is making his sketch comedy debut with Kamikaze Theory; b) is typing this bio whilst sitting on the throne; c) voted for Obama; d) is wondering what to wear today; or e) all of the above?

Former Theorists:

Elaine Chu - Former Producer
One of the original members of Kamikaze Theory since its inception in 2005, Elaine is thrilled that Asian Am sketch comedy is still alive and kicking. When she’s not busy producing, writing, and acting, she pursues her love of film, and has just finished interning on a documentary about beards. She also teaches high school history and is currently busy flunking students for impertinence.

Therese Wong
Born and raised in sunny Southern California, but completely enamored with the Bay Area, Therese is happy to be dipping her feet into sketch comedy in SF. Offstage, you'll find that she smells of butter and bourbon, as she spends a lot of her free time baking boozy cakes and cupcakes. Name your favorite cocktail, and she can probably turn it into a cake!